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In addition to the many individual US donors and volunteers, Hermano Pedro Social Works Foundation is supported by and provided generous administrative support by the Franciscan Mission Associates. This non-profit, located in New York, supports Catholic and Franciscan missions around the world such as The Franciscan Milk Fund, St. Anthony’s Bread Fund, and programs that educate and assist young seminarians. They handle all administration and accounting at no cost to Hermano Pedro Social Works Foundation.

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Amigos Proobras

Asociación Amigos Pro Obras Sociales is a private, non-religious and apolitical Guatemalan non-profit. It was founded in 2011 to address social, cultural, educational, humanitarian and social assistance issues. Its The Board of Directors is composed of Guatemalans who are distinguished by their history of humanitarian service. The focus of the organization is to strengthen and contribute to the success of the Obras Sociales, working under the direction of the Franciscan Friars, OFM.

Asociación Amigos and Hermano Pedro Social Works are close collaborators, and they support the foundation with projects aimed at raising awareness of Obras Sociales in the United States.

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Hermano Pedro Social Works Foundation has been dedicated to providing support to Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro since 2001. Many people who donate to Obras Sociales through the Foundation live in the United States and have visited or volunteered at Obras. Thanks to volunteers, board members, close collaboration with Obras and Amigos Pro Obras and the generous administrative support from the Franciscan Mission Associates, we have minimal overhead and no employees so donations go directly to Obras Sociales programming.
Donations to Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro can be made through the Hermano Pedro Social Works Foundation’s secure website. Your donation will be recorded by the Franciscan Mission Association and directed to Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro.

Donations are transferred to Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro where they are allocated to support their health care and residential care programs in Antigua and other parts of the country.

Hermano Pedro Social Work Foundation, USA is a 501(c)(3) organization with Federal Tax ID EIN 31-17635. Your donation to Hermano Pedro Social Work Foundation, USA is tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by US law.
There are many ways to get involved, which range from joining a medical, surgical or dental team to caring for babies at the nutritional center. Small groups are also welcome, subject to pre-approval. Many people who come to Antigua to learn Spanish find a rewarding volunteer opportunity at the Obras.

The Obras Sociales annual budget averages $ 8.7 million and is a solvent institution in all its commitments. The financial audits carried out by the Government of Guatemala reflect an honest and transparent execution. Hermano Pedro Social Works Foundation also carries out annual audits. Both institutions are also held accountable by their independent Boards of Directors who meet regularly to discuss and analyze all programmatic and financial aspects of the organizations.
Please help us spread the word about the charitable work of Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro. There are many new and exciting new, so Obras Sociales needs your help more than ever. Consider giving a presentation at your faith community or school, organizing a fundraiser, or telling a friend who may want to get involved.

In-country donations of food, clothing, medicines or diapers are always welcome. International donations of medical equipment and supplies can be arranged, contact us for more information.

Obras targets its programs and services to the neediest individuals, families and communities. The doors at Obras Sociales are open to all, regardless of race, language, religion, sex or creed.