Obras Sociales Del Santo Hermano Pedro



Mission & History

Obras Sociales was founded in 1979 by Fray Guillermo Bonilla, a Franciscan priest who followed the mission of Holy Brother Peter Bethancourt (Santo Hermano Pedro), caring for the poor, disabled and abandoned in small private homes in Antigua. In 1983, the Antigua municipality conceded him the crumbling facilities of the colonial-era Antiguo Hospital de Clérigos del Apostól San Pedro. It was officially inaugurated on March 16, 1983 with twelve beds for the sick.

Now, Obras Sociales is one of the largest surgery providers in the country. In addition, thousands of Guatemalans who lack access to care receive high quality primary and preventive care, education and treatments at Obras’ clinics, residential care homes and external facilities.

In order to meet an increased demand for services, Obras Sociales recently build a second center outside Antigua, Virgen de Socorro. This dream project is now in its first phase, and is home to 250 residents needing specialized, round-the-clock care.

Obras Sociales remains an apolitical, registered non-governmental institution, with operating licenses in health and education. It is recognized for the quality of its services and reputation as a transparent and reliable charity faith-based organization. The economic stability and sustainability of Obras Sociales derives from a variety of sources: donations from former volunteers and international medical teams, the Guatemalan government and private sector, the Catholic Church, and Asociación Amigos Pro Obras Sociales, a system of Guatemalan volunteers who assist with special projects, consulting and financial support.

For more information about Obras Sociales, please visit their website.

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Obras Sociales is governed by a general assembly and administered by a Board of Directors composed of Franciscan friars, community and business leaders, and representatives of medical organizations in Guatemala and the United States. An appointed General Director directs the institution and an overall staff of more than 500 employees. The staff has a deep connection and dedication to their work and a solid commitment to achieving the organizational goals and objectives.

For more information about Obras Sociales, please visit their website.

General Assembly

Obras Sociales Board of Directors

Medical Staff and Directors

Medical Staff and Directors