Virgen de Socorro

Virgen de Socorro

The Virgen del Socorro is located in the village of San Juan del Obispo about 5 miles from the center of Antigua on about 10 acres of land donated by local land owners.  Socorro provides a peaceful and quiet environment to about 250 children and adults with special needs and is managed by the Franciscans.  The wooded, pastoral setting at the base of Agua Volcano was donated by local land owners.

Phase I of Socorro was completed in December, 2017.   Here permanent residents of Socorro have a loving home where they receive special care, medical attention, spiritual support and entertainment.  The Franciscans provide an understanding and stimulating environment and are assisted by approximately 350 employees, Guatemalan volunteers and many others who come from around the world to help.

Phase I of Socorro includes resident for adults, children, a kitchen, a chapel and a home for Franciscan Friars.  Phase II will continue construction of the compound with a state of the art public clinic and a Catholic church to serve the community.

Phase II of Socorro is the construction of a multi-purpose Health and Education Building  and a Catholic church to serve the community.  

The building will provide state-of-the-art health clinics with specialists who will also provide training and education for other health professionals.  In the same facility, the school for permanent residents of the Obras will be strengthened and professionals in “special needs education” will offer 5 annual workshops a year benefiting the Guatemalan community.  Additionally, the continuing education center will train human resources personnel, community health educators,  physical therapists and surgeons.  Since much of the Obras success in reaching thousands of poor and needy Guatemalans has come from the help and expertise of volunteers from Guatemala and all over the world, an office will be established in this building where volunteer activities can be organized, volunteers recruited and mentored.