Hermano Pedro Social Works Foundation USA

Residential Health Programs

Virgen Del Socorro
San Juan Del Obispo

Taking Communion at SocorroThis residential care home for all ages is located in the village of San Juan del Obispo, five miles from the center of Antigua on ten acres of land donated by local land owners. Virgen del Socorro provides a peaceful and quiet living environment for approximately 250 children, adolescents and adults with special needs.

Phase I of Virgen del Socorro was completed in December 2017. Here, permanent residents have a loving home where they receive 24-hour nursing care, medical attention, spiritual support and education. The Franciscans provide an understanding and stimulating environment and are assisted by a large staff, Guatemalan volunteers and many others who come from around the world to help.
Phase II will provide a clinic for the neighboring vicinity and will be constructed in the future.

San Antonio De Padua Nutrition Recovery Center

Padre JoseThe center, established in 1990, provides both inpatient and outpatient care for infants and children. It is a 20 bed facility and includes an early stimulation and physical therapy room. San Antonio de Padua also supports families with nutritional education and training for early identification and treatment of malnourished children. These children are in the care of a specialized and multidisciplinary team that includes pediatrics, neurology, nutrition, psychology, physical therapy, nursing and social work. The Recovery Center provides specialized attention to malnourished children from the most impoverished areas of the country. Many of patients are referred from national hospitals, community health workers, and local non-profits.

Sagrado Corazon De Jesus Day Care

The day care center began almost twenty years ago in response to a need by mothers who worked long hours in the local market and had no one to care for their young children. The need has grown over the years. It provides safe, loving, high quality care and comprehensive education for children six months to six years old. It aims to assist in integrating children into the community through early stimulation, education and spiritual guidance.

SanJuan Bautista Nursing Home

Padre Jose with ResidentSan Juan Bautista is an assisted living and nursing home for older adults in the Jutiapa region. The residents, many of whom are abandoned or without family, receive full support including meals, assistance with activities of daily living, medical care, and spiritual guidance.


Teens and adults with alcohol and drug addictions find refuge and treatment at Renacer, which means ‘rebirth’. The inpatient treatment and recovery support program is located outside Antigua in a peaceful rural setting near Sumpango. Residents receive treatment by a staff of trained psychologists and physicians as well as Franciscan priests who provide spiritual support and guidance.

Casa De Fe

Located in Antigua, close to Obras Sociales’ Surgery & Medical Center, Casa de Fe provides a safe haven for surgery patients to wait for surgery and to recover before returning home. It was built in 2003 by the US non-profit Faith In Practice who currently manages and funds its operation. Casa de Fe can house more than one hundred guests per night, who usually come from very remote areas of the country. Patients and one family member or friend receive meals and Christian hospitality at the Casa. Each patient may be accompanied by a relative to assist them while waiting and in their journey home after surgery.

Home for Aging Priests
Virgin Del Socorro, San Juan del Obispo

This addition to Virgin del Socorro provides a home to aging and ill Franciscan priests. This beautiful refuge is a blessing to the sixteen to twenty priests who reside there, many of whom had nowhere to go before the home was finished. Socorro gives the elderly priests a place to finish out their lives of service to others in dignity with loving care and in the community of their Franciscan brothers.