Hermano Pedro Social Works Foundation USA

New Projects

Exciting New Expansion of Surgical Services Underway

Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano has embarked on an ambitious construction project that will greatly increase the scope and reach of its surgical services to the poor and underserved population. Three state of the art operating rooms will be built and equipped resulting in 8 operating rooms with the potential of increasing the number of surgeries performed yearly by 15 - 20%. The construction is underway and includes the remodeling of all support areas including the doctors’ break room, sterilization area, restrooms, storage areas, pharmacy and offices. The project will be in full compliance with all environmental protection regulations concerning sewage and hospital waste with a treatment plant constructed on site. In addition, fiber optics will be installed to connect all medical services throughout the hospital.Convalescence Ward

Factors Influencing the Decision to Build

a) The demand for surgeries is high and increasing with a waiting list of up to 2,000 people.

b) There are additional volunteer surgical teams who would like to assist if the Obras had calendar space to accept them and could offer a well-equipped, modern facility.

c) The Guatemalan public health system seldom meets the needs of the people for surgeries usually providing only emergency care. Most people are unable to afford private medical services.

Goals for the Next Three Years

1) Increase the number of people served annually in the surgery department by 15-20%.

2) Grow the number of annual volunteer medical missions from 40 to 60.

3) Increase the number of volunteers serving at Obras from 1,200 to 2,000 a year.

Projected Cost of Expansion Project

Crowded Conditions

The projected construction expansion and remodeling project cash cost is approximately $821,000,00( (USD). We expect some cost overruns becauseof supply chain shortages and rising transportation cost.00  It is evident that this project would cost millions in the United States.

 Donations through the US Obras Hermano Pedro Foundation are tax deductible and donations of any amount are very appreciated.  Donate online on this site and help us finish this worthy project!Amigos Pro Obras, a dedicated group of Guatemalan businessmen and women, is spearheading the fundraising campaign. Their goal is to source 60% of the project through local cash donations and in-kind donations from Guatemalan businesses and partners who are donating a portion or all their services to see this project to fruition on behalf of their community The goal for the remaining 40% or about $328,000. will be raised by Obras Sociales and the US Obras Foundation engaging existing and new donors in this visionary project.

The equipment for the new operating rooms has been donated by Heinemann Robicsek Foundation and Partners for World Health. The visiting volunteer surgical organizations who perform the surgeries have been essential in equipping the current operating rooms over the years and  plan to participate with gifts-in kind to enhance the technology of the surgical wards and to update the equipment currently used.